The Sony Xperia 1 iii, a Lumia replacement? Very nearly

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After doing a couple of imaging comparison features, I've done a full video review of the new Sony Xperia 1 iii for The Phones Show, it's embedded below. With absolute flagship performance, pure image processing, Qi charging, two stage shutter button, and 3.5mm audio jack, plus excellent support for all Microsoft's apps and services, could this be the Lumia replacement you've been waiting for? Well... possibly. There are two caveats, described below, plus the little matter of the price(!)

As usual, you can click through to YouTube for full resolution if needed, or just watch here:

My review is about 10 minutes long and demonstrates performance, imaging and multimedia. Could this new Android flagship be your next upgrade, perhaps even from a classic Lumia? Well possibly, but you'd better get it on a contract as it's otherwise over £1000. And I'd still advise waiting a month for the smaller and 'sharper' Xperia 5 ii - this loses the Qi charging, but has a clearer screen and is £400 cheaper (RRP).

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Source / Credit: YouTube