Remembering the Nokia N8

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Abdulla Zaki, over on YouTube, has been retro-actively looking back at the 2010 Nokia N8. It's fun seeing these old smartphones through modern eyes and their high-tech cameras! In summary, gorgeous hardware, buggy software (at launch), and - ultimately - an ecosystem that couldn't compete.

The video's worth a quick watch over a coffee or similar though:

Of course, there's a lot more to the story of the N8 and I'd urge you to browse back content on All About Symbian. I still have a couple of these and they work just fine (aside from the obvious, like connecting to online stores that don't exist, etc.)

Super camera, anyway, but that 3.5" screen looked a little small even for 2010 - fellow Symbian fans will remember that the sister device, the E7, had a 4" screen with ClearBlack Display tech (contrary circular polarising layers that minimised reflections outdoors). An N8 with the E7's screen would have been just about perfect. For the day!

Source / Credit: YouTube