Fitbit Charge 5 announced, all-in-one health

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I'm not a huge fan of bulky smartwatches, trying to triage notifications on my wrist, etc. Not to mention recharging them daily. But I'm much more open to simple band 'trackers', here with a small colour display but designed to report to the companion app on your smartphone. The Charge 5 is new and with more health and fitness features than ever. See below for the full feature set. It should work with any iOS or Android smartphone. 

Charge 5

For quick reference, here's the bullet/spec list of features:


  • Fitbit ECG (Electrocardiogram) App 
  • EDA (Electrodermal Activity) Scan App 
  • Stress Management Score 
  • Reflections 
  • Oxygen Saturation (SpO2) Monitoring 
  • Heart Rate Variability 
  • Breathing Rate 
  • Skin Temperature Tracking 
  • Sleep Score & Sleep Stages 
  • Menstrual Cycle Tracking 
  • Health & Wellness Reminders 
  • Activate optional personalised reminders for beneficial tasks that can be tough to remember, like staying hydrated, sticking to a sleep schedule, finding time to exercise and more.


  • Daily Readiness Score 
  • Active Zone Minutes 
  • 24/7 Heart Rate Tracking with PurePulse 
  • Built-In GPS 
  • SmartTrack® 
  • Workout Intensity Map 
  • 20 Exercise Modes 
  • Cardio Fitness Level 
  • Water-resistant 


  • Notifications 
  • Google Fast Pair 
  • Sleep Mode 
  • Smart Wake 
  • Do Not Disturb Mode 
  • Up to 7-Day Battery Life 
  • Fitbit Pay 

Although there's loads here for fitness freaks, it's the general health (EDA, SpO2, ECG) functions that will be of huge interest to many. It's an all-in-one companion gadget that keeps you healthy and encourages you to get healthier, etc.

As ever, there's a promo video:

Good stuff, it's £170 on Fitbit's site. Which sounds excellent value and I'll try to get this in for review.

Source / Credit: Fitbit