A truly unbiased (and positive) look at Windows 11

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Quinn Nelson is a YouTuber usually covering Apple and Mac stuff and he titled his latest video 'Mac Fanboy Reviews Windows 11', with the subtitle of "I tried it...', kind of setting up a widespread distrust of the latest from Microsoft. But look past the title and you'll be (and Microsoft will be) pleasantly surprised, since he found an awful lot to like, not least the new Photos app with extensions and a decent video editor, plus a new Settings system, and the integration of Teams (and its Chat) into the OS.  

All of which surprised me since many other sites have been quite critical. True, Quinn was only a day into Windows 11 use, so he'd only encountered a handful of its bugs, but as he says, Microsoft will fix most of the glitches in short order with updates, so there's plenty of room for optimism.

As usual, I'm covering this briefly, for AAM because Windows 11 will run on a lot of ultra-mobile PCs, laptops and 2-in-1s... And for AAWP because it's, well, still Windows after all!

It's a long one, almost half an hour, so grab yourself a drink and sit back, etc.

Of the four PCs in my house, only one is being offered Windows 11 because of various processor and TPM restrictions - but I will get to try it. However, given the number of glitches at the moment, I'll wait a month I think. But it's great to see someone as genned up as Quinn delivering an overall very positive verdict, drawing many parallels with Mac OS and pointing out where Apple and Microsoft has copied each other.

Source / Credit: YouTube