Microsoft Ignite 2021 now all up for bingeing(!)

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Or should that be 'binging'? That sounds too much like you're searching for something! Microsoft held its digital developer conference online in the last few days and all the videos are now up for watching if you feel the need. It's all heavily business and cloud-focussed, but there should be something of interest for most geeks.

All the videos are collated in one seven hour epic here, but you'll find the index page more accessible:

Ignite index

It's all a little over my head, at least in terms of applicability to my life, but anyone who's dabbled in Microsoft's cloud-connected developer tools will find things to watch (if they haven't already watched them). Or it might just give you a sense of the workings behind the online services (shopping, banking, etc.) that we all take for granted in 2021.

The mix of promos, interviews, and demos is at least interesting, and there's precious little filler, other than Satya Nadella's 'inspirational' keynote - he always seems genuine but never actually says anything concrete. [Or maybe I haven't forgiven him for cancelling Windows 10 Mobile? Perhaps both!]