Surprise surprise, the Fairphone 4 gets the coveted iFixit 10/10

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Actually surprising no one but a score which is well worth noting and celebrating. iFixit specialises in tearing phones down and giving them a repairability score - and the modular Fairphone 4, which I reviewed here, can be opened and all likely replaceable parts unscrewed and unclipped with ease. They do bemoan the loss of the 3.5mm audio jack in the Fairphone 4 design, but other than that iFixit seem fans and applaud the company's sustainability-first approach, in contrast to almost all other phone manufacturers.

Here's the video 'teardown', though can one still call it a teardown if anyone can do the same, armed only with a small (00) cross-head screwdriver? Of interest is that iFixit went even further than I did, breaking out an extra screwdriver to remove the motherboard as well.

Good stuff and I remain a huge Fairphone fan - you wouldn't necessarily choose their phones on specs or performance, but they continue to champion design goals with a focus on repairability and that has to be commended.

PS. See also my Lumia 950 XL vs Fairphone 4 comparison.

Source / Credit: YouTube