Why Lumia was loved

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'TheMrNokia' (Abdulla Zaki) has put up a nicely done video on 'Five reasons Nokia Lumia was so loved', together with some after-thoughts, all well worth checking out and all of which I heartily endorse. It's so easy for modern commentators to bash 'Windows Phone' and 'Lumia' as an appalling failure, but that's dreadfully unfair. Abdulla highlights the ways in which Nokia and their Lumias were innovative and groundbreaking. We've already gone over (in detail) the reasons why Nokia and the platform failed, so let's celebrate the really, really good stuff here.

Here's the main video:

Plus Abdulla has some extra thoughts, including:

...Nokia’s impressive software contributions to the Microsoft platform. Nokia wasn’t only creating impressive hardware back then, but also backed it up with software features that made Lumia devices the absolute best place to experience Windows Phone. From their Storyteller gallery app (a lot of its features has been implemented in Google Photos these days) to its powerful imaging and photo editing suite of apps (Nokia Smart Camera, Cinemagraph, Creative Studio, Refocus, etc), to the additional Nokia services like Mix Radio (Music streaming app way ahead of its time), Here Maps (With offline navigation even back then), City Lens (AR navigation app, really cool). 

It's the innovation and thinking outside the box that created such a (classic) Nokia fanbase. Such a shame that all of this couldn't continue after both Nokia's management team and then Microsoft pulled the rug out from under the platform's feet.

PS. Yes, I know I was cautious about Windows Phone in its early days, but with Windows Phone 8 it caught up with my beloved Symbian around 2012 and then the arrival of the Lumia 1020 meant that I could have my cake and eat it. If only for a couple of years (sadly).

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