The December feature drop for the Microsoft Surface Duo 2

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The Microsoft Surface Duo 2, which I reviewed here, is a pretty stunning piece of kit, and it does seem as though Microsoft is serious about supporting it this time (accusations are rife about the original Duo), evidenced by the December update arriving with genuinely new features, demonstrated by Zac Bowden below.

The official changelog is quoted as:

  • Microsoft's Surface Duo 2 is receiving its December 2021 update.
  • The update is 258 MB and brings the build number to 2021.923.272.
  • The update brings many fixes, including improvements for app animations, touch responsiveness, LDAC Bluetooth, camera usability, and more.
  • Additionally, there is now the ability to launch OneNote using the Surface Slim Pen and other new features.

There's more video goodness below, but let's start with Zac's walkthrough:

The standouts are definitely the ability to force single screen mode on the display you naturally favour when folding the Duo 2 back, plus that auto-launch of OneNote from the Slim Pen, ready for inking. See what you think, above.

In addition, Microsoft has started a new promotional series of videos on the Duo 2. Well, I say 'series', but there are only two so far. Hopefully more to come! There's a getting started video, which you can probably skip, plus a more feature packed 'Getting familiar' one, embedded below. Enjoy!