Surface Duo 2 for life and err... innovation

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A week ago, I posted about the Surface Duo 2's December update/feature drop, along with the start of a new series of promo/educational videos from Microsoft, introducing aspects of the Duo 2's functionality. Microsoft's YouTube team is clearly on a roll, with two more well produced five minute videos walking us through what the Surface Duo 2 can do. Well worth a watch over a hot drink today.

The Microsoft Surface Duo 2, which I reviewed here, is a pretty stunning piece of kit, so I'm glad that more and more content on it is arriving from Microsoft each week. And if you love dogs(!), especially, then check these two new videos out:


The Swiftkey adaptations as the device is rotated and unfolded were particularly interesting, plus that drag and drop functionality between two visible (thanks to the two screens) applications never gets old!

I'm keeping a close eye on the Surface Duo 2 - and the original Surface Duo, which is (over) due its Android 11 update - and will keep the coverage coming on All About Mobile. If I can possibly get either back in for more testing then I will.