What can I still do with my Microsoft Band?

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Coming across my Microsoft Band 2 the other day, I charged it up and found it in tip top condition - and it's been gathering steps, heart beats, and stairs climbed ever since. So - what can the Band 2 still do, without Microsoft's official app and service for Windows Phone and Android? It turns out quite a lot, and Microsoft even has a FAQ page that goes into detail.

Microsoft Band 2

From Microsoft:

Microsoft has announced the end of support for the Microsoft Health Dashboard applications and services. This document describes functionality that Band users still have with their device.

  • Track your heart rate
  • Track your calories burned
  • Track your exercise
  • Track your steps
  • Track your sleep
  • Track a run or other activity
  • Track your ride
  • View the UV index (UVI)
  • Turn Watch Mode on or off
  • Set an alarm
  • Set a timer
  • Use the stopwatch

For each bullet point, if you click through, you can expand it for all the detail you need to get that feature going.

Heh. That's still quite a long list of functions!

The attraction for me of the Band 2 was always what you could see on your wrist rather than later on in a web dashboard, and 90% of what I'd need the Band 2 for is still fully functional. The biggest impact for me is the lack of 'Assisted GPS', so you're purely reliant on the raw GPS in the Band 2 - which will take longer to get a 'fix'...

PS. If you do want to try getting more sync data 'going', see my earlier link of interest.

Health/Explore Band 2 in action

Source / Credit: Microsoft