TGS: Folding phones and over-ear Bluetooth

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The Gadget Show is a well known TV review affair in the UK, with everything dumbed down in 'Top Gear' fashion for mass market consumption, but still quite fun and covering tech that you or I might be interested in, even with zero geek credentials while doing so. In the two recent online clips released, Jon Bentley compares first, folding phones, including the Microsoft Surface Duo 2, and then over-ear Bluetooth headphones - both clips are relatively short and worth a watch.

First folding phones:

While I agree with their conclusion, that folding phones are still the 'future' and not the mainstream, the three tests and comparison criteria only scratch the surface of what each device could do. (Literally, in the Fold 3's case, since the display is so fragile, but let's not go there...)

I felt the video section was a little unfair to the Duo 2, since a) watching with a hinge gap is fine for much content, e.g. TV shows, especially if they're 4:3, I contend, plus b) the Duo 2 folds backwards too and you can use 'tent' mode to provide a seamless video experience with built-in solid 'kickstand'.

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And here's the second short video, on Bluetooth over-ears:

Great to see my own personal favourite win out here - they only mentioned the staggering 80 hour battery life in passing, but it's a game changer.

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