Nokia to reveal its first Windows Phone this quarter

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Nokia's CEO, Stephen Elop, today said, at a technology fair in Finland, that Nokia would announce its first Windows Phone products this quarter. However, a report from YLE notes that it remains unclear whether the devices will be available on the market in time for the Christmas shopping season.

From YLE

Nokia plans to unveil its first Windows Mobile-based smart phones within this quarter, Nokia CEO Stephen Elop announced at a technology fair in Helsinki on Tuesday. Elop said that the first Nokia phones running Windows operating systems would appear in "the weeks ahead".

The most likely venue for an announcement is Nokia World, an event that takes place on October 26th and 27th in London. All About Windows Phone will be reporting live from Nokia World.

While the announcement of a Windows Phone device now seems very likely, it remains unclear whether Nokia will announce multiple devices and what the exact detail and specifications of any devices announced will be.

Source / Credit: YLE