Gallery: Alcatel IDOL 4 Pro

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Possibly the most unusually timed gallery ever put on AAWP, this is the Alcatel IDOL 4 Pro, brand new in Europe, a Windows 10 Mobile flagship in mid-2017, against all the odds, or at least against the perception of the tech media. Following an (initially) one carrier, USA-only release in late 2016, we now have a tweaked version for the rest of the world, here in full retail form.

There will be a full review coming shortly, of course, but in the meantime enjoy my first impressions. Can this new phone make a dent in anyone's perceptions of Windows 10 Mobile? Is it a device that's worth Windows 10 enthusiasts jumping to in an effort to gain faster operation than the Lumias and also a (possibly) longer support duration?

As usual with the AAWP gallery tool, after clicking through, you'll find captions and comments below each image. On some smaller displays or those with shallow aspect ratios you may need to scroll down or swipe up just a fraction to see the comments.

Alcatel IDOL 4 Pro (click images to expand):