Gallery: Microsoft Surface Duo 2

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The Duo 2 is in for review, and in timely fashion this year. Expect a few review parts and at least one imaging comparison (given the triple camera upgrade from last year's potato), but in the meantime here's our traditional image gallery, covering the unboxing and first impressions.

Last year's Surface Duo didn't venture much outside the USA, so we never got our hands on it, but this year the Duo 2 being pushed to many international outlets, including the UK, at the somewhat eye-gouging price of £1349 (for the lowest storage variant). Happily though a good friend of the All About sites has sent the device over for full coverage.

With the trademark ultra-thin displays, super-smooth hinge, and now faster internals and a half decent camera setup, there's quite a bit to recommend the Duo 2, even if the original vision for a full 360° hinge and fold flat concept has been slightly dented.

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