Gallery: NexDock 2 (DeX/Continuum lapdock)

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It's here. Somewhat belatedly, and with the Windows 10 Mobile/Continuum platform itself running out of life support. But the NexDock 2 has finally arrived, and of course it's future-compatible with Samsung Dex on Android, plus many other similar USB Type C-based systems, so it's an accessory that's applicable right across the board. I'll be reviewing it fully over the next few weeks, in conjunction with my Lumia 950 XL and Samsung Galaxy S9+, but let's start with a hands-on and unboxing gallery.

As covered here in the 2019 teasers, the NexDock 2 is a pretty exciting accessory for any Windows 10 Continuum or Samsung DeX fan. The idea is to plug in via USB Type C and have the entire OS/UI extended to the lap dock screen (while the phone screen acts independently), with access to a full keyboard, full trackpad, and truck-loads of extra ports, all accessible to the phone's OS.

Here's our opening gallery and first impressions anyway, the full review will be along once I've got some NexDock 2 miles under my belt! 

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More thoughts in a week's time after much more testing. The internal battery is 51Wh, which is quite large, by the way, so although you essentially have to charge this from the supplied charger (or a similar Macbook one) because of the Power Delivery requirement, in typical use you'd get around 10 hours of use per charge, or a bit less if you need your phone topped up a lot too. Again - testing needed by yours truly.