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Available to buy today* is the Wileyfox Pro, a new Windows 10 Mobile-native smartphone aimed unashamedly at security-and-budget-conscious businesses. Everything's aimed in this direction, from an OS that doesn't have time wasters like Snapchat or trendy games, but is rock solid in terms of security schedules, to 'old fashioned' hardware features like a replaceable battery, microSIM support and a headphone jack. Ahead of my exclusive full review, here's an initial image gallery.

* Well, almost. It's listed on Amazon UK here at £189, but 'out of stock'. Which means that the initial batch sold out yesterday and that more are expected in, though not 'for Christmas'. Anyone know how many 'Pro's Wileyfox might have had made? 

There will be a full review coming shortly, of course, but in the meantime enjoy my first impressions. Despite what you may think about the specifications, this is aimed at a specific gap in the smartphone market. I'll explain in due course.

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Wileyfox Pro (click images to expand):