AAWP Insight #242: Surface Mobile and the WC crossover

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With Rafe still catching up after CES 2018, I snatched the opportunity to catch up with a fellow Windows-covering Brit, Zac Bowden, from Windows Central, chatting to him about his smartphone journey, about Surface Mobile, about hyper convergence and the state of Windows 10 Mobile.

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Show Notes

Rafe will be back next week, I'm sure. In the meantime, please note that I'd originally recorded this chat (on 23rd January 2018) with Zac for my Phones Show Chat podcast, but we got carried away and, before shortening the segment for PSC, I thought the AAWP audience would like to hear the full chat, since it's heavily Windows-specific.

See what you think!

You can find Zac on Twitter here and also on the Windows Central podcast here. It's a good listen for a backgrounder, even if they don't talk Mobile all that much these days.

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