Ewan takes the Lumia 620 to SXSW: Part 1

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Once more it's time for South by Southwest in Texas, and once more I've been handed a smartphone to test in the wild environment of the Austin Convention Center. With over 25,000 delegates all trying to log on to the Wifi and using the local cellphone towers, a lack of plug sockets, and a lot of social media and online interactions required, it's the perfect location to give a handset a punishing test.

This year I have the Nokia Lumia 620 handset. It's a budget handset (although not quite in the low-end range, that honour goes to the recently announced Lumia 520), with a dual core 1GHz CPU, 8GB of internal storage (and MicroSD card support), and 512MB of Ram. Servicable middle of the road stats for a Windows Phone 8 device, but it should get the job done in some form.

How well the job is done is what I'm hoping to find out over the next ten days. First though, I need to get myself from Edinburgh to Austin, entertain myself on the long transatlantic flight, and sort out an American SIM card so I don't get stung by roaming data charges.