Highlighting Windows 10 on phones in 2017

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The very idea seems ridiculous to the world at large in late 2017. Who on earth would buy or hang onto a smartphone running Windows anymore? Yet, despite obvious market share metrics in a world where iOS and Android dominate new phone sales, there are still major USPs that appeal to me - and which I document below in video form...

(This is an exclusive AAWP video, by the way, and not on my main Phones Show channel - it would have overlapped slightly with my review of the IDOL 4 Pro there, for one thing!)

As usual, maximise the video window and raise the quality to 1080p for best results. For the record, this was filmed on my trusty Nokia 808 PureView!

Comments? My spectacles are clearly rose-tinted, but do I also make some good points that the industry should note? I do hope so...

Obviously, for there to be continued momentum in the Windows 10 Mobile world, we need 'feature2' to develop into something official for production users, we need some serious support behind the new device(s), and we need Microsoft to come out with something/anything sooner rather than later. I don't mind if it's a phablet that unfolds to become a tablet, just as long as it has a SIM slot and a decent camera!