Poll: Why Windows (phone)?

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I speculate regularly in prose form on reasons why people may have chosen to go down the Windows Phone (and W10M) route in the past, even staying with the platforms until 2020, but I thought it would be both fun and useful to gather your thoughts in poll form. See below - what has been most attractive to you? [Updated with results]

Lumia 1020

I should point out that I'm only allowing one answer from each of you. This may seem harsh if you wanted to pick two or more of the choices, but I wanted to stop enthusiasts simply ticking all choices and rendering the stats less useful(!) So even if you wanted to pick more than one answer, have a think and work out the most applicable answer in your case. Thanks!

UPDATE: the poll finished, after 24 hours, so here are the final results:

So all very interesting and, with one exception, much as I'd have expected - there's love for the UI and concepts behind Windows Phone generally, there's love for the (then) Nokia hardware and how advanced it was, and there's the 1 in 7 users who just don't want to go iOS or Android and trust Apple or Google.

But it's quite revealing that almost no one actually prizes the Microsoft applications and services - the bits that Microsoft has thrown its all at in 2018-2020. In other words, Satya Nadella's 'all in on the Cloud and the Intelligent Edge', pushing Microsoft services and subscriptions, addresses the 1.5% above, not any of the 98.5%. Which doesn't mode well for the conversion of AAWP readers and Windows phone users in general over to carrying on in a big way with Microsoft on (enforced adoption of) other platforms.

Is this just AAWP reader confirmation bias (i.e. you're on the site because you like the UI/Start screen etc)? Or is this a real mismatch? Comments welcome!!