Not quite Continuum, not quite DeX! (Surface Duo 2 with NexDock)

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Many have bemoaned the death of Continuum circa 2016, with Samsung's DeX taking up a lot of the slack, albeit in the Android world. And then we have the Microsoft Surface Duo pair of devices, ostensibly without a desktop interface but I hope to prove in the video below that the very nature of USB 3.1 (here over Type C), along with a landscape-first device like the Duo and a capable standard lapdock, means that 90% of the functionality you'd expect from a 'desktop' interface is in fact taken care of automatically.

See what you think. The video is captured zoomed in a little, for framing reasons, plus it's almost impossible to get everything in focus all the time at such close range, so do forgive production quality - you'll easily get the gist:

Comments welcome, of course. Is this close enough to DeX or Continuum for your needs?

In the real world, despite my enthusiasm above, I haven't felt the need to take along the NexDock 360 on a trip - I have several Bluetooth keyboards, which are far lighter and smaller, and these fulfil the need to enter lots of text on the go, while the Duo 2's unfolded 8.something" tablet mode is a large enough screen to see what I'm doing.

PS. See also my full reviews of both the Surface Duo 2 and the NexDock 360. The latter is certainly not svelte, but is very capable and may be a good solution for some readers.