HTC Titan goes under Gizmodo's biggest microscope

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Following on from Steve's review of the HTC Titan here on AAWP, Sam Biddle also looks at the 4.7 inch monster Windows Phone. In "I Want To Hate You, Giant Phone, But I Love You", he reviews the handset that puts Windows Phone in your biggest pocket.

It starts with a burst of fashion, before heading into more detail:

Windows Phone has been an outstanding mobile OS, obscured by a glossy black parade of lame, uninspiring hardware. So. Many. Generic. Black. Rectangles. The Titan, alongside Nokia's offerings, is perhaps the first Windows Phone handset worth running your eyes over (and over and over). People will notice your phone, and want to touch your phone, and care about your phone. You'll  care about your phone, most importantly.

HTC Titan

It's always nice to read the second wave of Windows Phones getting good feedback. With the new Samsung Focus handsets, and the Nokia range working round the globe, the OS is definitely on the way up.

Source / Credit: Sam Biddle (Gizmodo)