Stormglass updates to v1.4 with more weather on display

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Following on from our review of Stormglass, a new version of the application is available. V1.4 adds in a preview of the weather at your five chosen locations in the application, not just in the live tiles. It's nice to see what's been my favourite weather app improve and add in features, while still keeping it simple enough to be easy and accessible.

The main updates to v1.4 are:

  • Support for Italian - thanks Cristian! (krak76)
  • Weather preview on main screen - even for unpinned tiles
  • Search by address, zip or any search string
  • Reminder to open StormGlass when close to background update expiry
  • Added a few previously unavailable weather conditions

You can get Stormlass via the All About Windows Phone app directory, either through the direct links, or just using the Bing Vision option on the QR code for instant install on your smartphone.

Source / Credit: AAWP App Directory