Windows Phone's QR reader is "the fastest and most accurate scanner"

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Terence Eden continues to poke at the Nokia Lumia 800 and Windows Phone as a mobile operating system, and following on from his "power user review" of the smartphone, he's summarised up the QR code reader. Comparing it to ZXing on Android, he's impressed with the technology, but the UI needs a fair bit of work.

However, it is one of the fastest and most accurate scanners I’ve ever used. It knocks Android favourite ZXing into a cocked hat simply by by speed alone – it’s also very fault tolerant and was able to scan in low light and at strange angles. There’s only one problem I have with it – the user interface really isn’t very good. Part of this is the design constraints of the Metro interface, but that’s no real excuse.

You can read his full examination on Terence Eden Has A Blog (Flow icon by Mike Atherton, Flickr/CC).

Source / Credit: Terence Eden