MobileBurn's take on the Nokia 710

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Along with a number of other US based sites MobileBurn has published a review of the Nokia 710 on T-Mobile. The review runs through key aspects of the phone including the design, hardware, usability, apps and camera. Also included is MobileBurn's usual high quality video tour of the device.

We've already mentioned a number of other Nokia 710 reviews that have caught our eye, but there are plenty of other opinions too; here are reviews from PC Magazine, Engadget, CNET, PCWorld, AnandTech, GottabeMobile, Laptop Magazine, TmoNews and GeekWire.

A common theme amongst earlier reviewers is that the Lumia 710 is a solid phone, but lacks the glamour of higher end devices. MobileBurn's review explains this nicely:

It doesn't turn any heads or break any new ground in design or performance, and there are some issues with the quality of the components in its construction. Still, it is a solid smartphone that offers a simple interface, quick performance, great call quality, and decent battery life - and at T-Mobile's $49.99 asking price, there really isn't much room for complaint here. For a first-time smartphone, a buyer could do much worse than the Lumia 710, that is for sure. Nokia has promised that it will bring a "portfolio" of devices to the U.S. this year, so those who pine for a high-end smartphone will just have to stay tuned. 

The Nokia Lumia 710 is set to be available from T-Mobile stores, from January 11th, at a cost of $50 with a contract.

MobileBurn's video tour: