Wordpress' WP Client updated with better stats integration

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The official Windows Phone client for Wordpress has been updated to version 1.6. It's a minor update, but as always I'd recommend anyone making serious use of an app picks up the latest version from the Windows Marketplace, and Automattic's client for the popular CMS and blogging software is no exception.

The update has two features, the first being a generic 'minor bugs fixed', the second addressing the 'stats' section of the application. There were some cases where the application would not display the website statistics generated by Wordpress. That's been addressed in the new version.

 Wordpress on Windows Phone Wordpress on Windows Phone

The Wordpress app continues to integrate well into the sharing ecosystem of Windows Phone, as we pointed out in our review of the client last year:

WordPress also adds itself to the "Share..." menu in the Pictures and Video hubs, adding the picture to a New Post entry, for you to talk about the picture as you feel the need. Each blog in the WordPress client has its own setting for pictures as to where they are added in a post, and if they are to be resized, so once those are set, you just need to worry about the content of the post, and not the extra configuration.

Updates and downloads available in the usual place!

Source / Credit: AAWP App Directory