Changing attitudes on battery anxiety

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Many of us develop a great deal of anxiety over the battery life of our devices. Power users often study the deepest settings of their smartphone to work out how to save every Watt of power they can. So much so that saving power has become the subject of many an editorial list on the web. Mobility Digest has a different point of view though. In a post entitled "Nine Simple Truths About Your Windows Phone Battery" the author argues that all of the standard power saving advice actually constitutes a series of inconveniences that spoils the user experience of your device.

There are a series of tips in the article as well; and this one best sums up the sentiment of the article: 

Set email to "push", or at the time frequency that works best for you. Automatically receiving email is a feature. Don’t disable it for a few percent of battery power

The post points out that for the sake of an external charger and regularly topping: up our device we shouldn't sacrifice functionality. It's a refreshing point of view, and one that I've found myself subscribing to as I've been using phones with non-replaceable batteries, such as the Nokia Lumia 800, which never leaves home without the Nokia DC-16 charger to keep it going through a day.

External chargers have the inconvenience of carrying another device which is tethered to your smartphone with a cable. However, carry ing spare batteries require you to take your phone apart and have it turned off which you make the switch.

Which method do you prefer? 

'Daisy chaining' the DC-16 with a Lumia 800
'Daisy chaining' the DC-16 with a Lumia 800

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Source / Credit: Mobility Digest