Going Lego Loopy with Windows Phone

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Remember when I posted about the Lumia 900 dock made of Lego? Of course you do! Lego has huge nostalgia value to anyone who lived through the 80's. I - as a child of the 80's - can't help but look around from time to time to see how my favourite toy is being put to use with contemporary tech. It appears budding engineers, armed with Windows Phone devices, have been busy in the last few months!

To start with, if you collect Lego sets, then you should really get hold of Lego Tracker, which presents the obsessive Windows Phone Lego builder with a catalogue of every Lego set known to human kind - or at least known to Brickset.com. This app not only lets you track which sets you need to complete your particular collection, but lets you keep a record of all the sets you own. Useful if you're auditing a bucket full of bricks!

LEGO® tracker ScreenshotLEGO® tracker ScreenshotLEGO® tracker Screenshot

If you're more advanced than mere brick builders, you probably have a Mindstorms set - well your Windows Phone device can play a part there too. As these users have demonstrated, your Windows smartphone can become a remote control for your plastic robot of doom.

Controlling Lego NXT by Windows Phone from Sergei Grebnov on Vimeo.

And for your final bit of knobbly trivia; did you know that two years ago, before Windows Phone launched, that Microsoft sent out Lego prototypes? According to Engadget, it did!