Rafe Blandford interviewed by EverythingN9

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As regular listeners of our podcast will know, our own Rafe Blandford was recently in New York to attend Nokia's event where the Lumia 920 and Lumia 820 were announced. During his trip he gave up an afternoon to speak to Andy Hagon, a local of that great city, who writes for the EverythingN9 blog. In the interview that Andy has published, Rafe gives his views on the Nokia N9 – Nokia's MeeGo Harmattan device. Andy even put Rafe on the spot to ask how he would have acted had he been the CEO of Nokia. In Rafe's words, he would have killed the N9 at birth and would have written something more original than the burning platform memo!

Rafe Blandford in New York

Source / Credit: Rafe Blandford on the N9