Snake with a modern twist

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Snake by Łukasz Rejman is a modern version of the classic snakes game, with silky smooth game play at 60 frames per second. It uses graphics that recall the style of Windows Phone, with a simple colour scheme and minimalist blocks and lines. The titular snake, which can move in any direction, is controlled by tracing your finger over the screen.

The game has 30 levels and each level has a minimum score (about 128 points) that you need to reach in order to unlock the next level. The points scored are determined by a combination of snake speed, which you can alter in the settings, and the number of pellets that you've eaten.

Snake ScreenshotSnake Screenshot

There's also a star rating for each level, with the ultimate aim of the game being to get three stars on every level. You get your first star when you unlock the next level, but to get the subsequent stars you will need to score a lot more points.

Snake has been beautifully implemented and is a great version of the classic game. For those of a certain age, there's something that just feels right about playing Snake on a Nokia device, although, of course, it works great on the HTC Radar too.

The modern twist offers of this Snake implementation offers a refreshing change to the classic game play, without really changing its addictiveness. However, if you feel the need to roll back the years and play the original version, then a good alternative is Snake '97, which we wrote about earlier this year.

Snake ScreenshotSnake Screenshot

Marketplace description

The modern version of the classic snake game, specially designed for Windows Phone. 

Rules are the same except that now the snake moves smoothly and can turn in any direction! Just press the screen and the snake will follow your finger. 

Snake can be downloaded from the Windows Phone Marketplace for free.

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