Nokia launches Nokia Premium Developer Program

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Yesterday, at Microsoft's Build 2012 conference, Nokia announced the Nokia Premium Developer Program, which bundles together a package of Windows Phone related tools and services, and aims to "make building Windows Phone apps faster, better and more affordable". The program costs $99 a year to join, and offers benefits with a suggested retail value of $1500.  

The program is open to all developers, although you will have to first register for a Nokia ID, and can be paid for using a VISA or MasterCard credit card. 

The membership benefits include:

Since the program includes Windows Phone Dev Center Membership (either joining or extension for existing membership), which is required to publish a Windows Phone app, canny developers should join the Nokia Premium Developer Program as they will almost certainly be spending $99 anyway , and may like to benefit from the other membership perks (although there is currently a special offer on Dev Center membership for $8).

Developers who are members of Nokia's existing premium developer programs (e.g. Nokia Launchpad), or are Nokia Developer Champions, will receieve one year of Nokia Developer Pro memebership for free. Nokia notes that such developers will receive an "email soon with a code that entitles you to a free year’s membership in thenew program".

Source / Credit: Nokia Developer