The Windows Phone 8 'soft reset' key sequence

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Regular readers will know that I'm a fan of removeable batteries in smartphones. There's being able to swap in a new cell at any time, to replace an ailing one or simply to pull the battery if something goes horribly wrong. With many of today's sealed designs, that last is now impossible, and as Mike Macias discovered, the long press of doom on the power key doesn't always work either. The solution? Use what is apparently a Windows Phone 8 standard reset combo - volume and power held down together. Quote below.

Reset keysThe [lock up] happened to my Nokia Lumia 920 this morning when trying to launch the ESPN ScoreCenter app from my start screen. I’m not sure what might have caused the lockup, but whatever it was made the screen freeze in that state. I tried holding down the power button for 10 seconds but that did not work.

After doing some research online I discovered a way to reboot the phone when it freezes up. This applies to all Windows Phone devices, not just the newer ones.

Simply hold the lock button and volume down button at the same time for 5-10 seconds. Once the phone reboots you can now get back into the operating system and make sure everything is normal.

This should not affect your settings, messages, photos, contacts, etc. This function simply reboots your phone without forcing you to do a backup, although it’s highly recommended to back up your phone often.

Good to know. So that's two possible key operations to try when your Windows Phone device freezes harder than ice cream in Antarctica.

Mind you, I still hanker for being able to pull the battery though.... mutter, mutter....

Source / Credit: The Mobile Fanatics