Nokia Transport on Windows Phone 8 get app-to-app enabling update

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Nokia Transport, also known as Nokia Transit, for Windows Phone 8 received a small update today to version 3.2.8. The update adds app-to-app API functionality to the app, making it possible for other apps to deep link into Nokia Transport. For example, the latest version of Nokia Maps is using this feature to deep link to public transport routing directions, as we describe in our news story on today's Nokia Maps update.

It's not clear whether Nokia will choose to make these app-to-app APIs publicly available as it has done for its Nokia Music app, but it would be a logical step, given Nokia's desire to promote itself as a mapping platform provider.

The screenshots below shows how the deep linking from Nokia Maps to Nokia Transport is presented in the user interface.

Nokia Maps screenshotNokia Maps screenshot

As far as we can see there are no other significant feature additions in this update, but we imagine there are the usual performance and bug fixes.

Windows Phone Store description:

Nokia Transport combines your local public transport options - bus, train, underground - in one simple app. One tap shows you all the different types of transport lines near you. Just type an address or point of interest to learn the best ways to get there.

Also noted in the what's new section of the app's description is this note about increased coverage:

Now available in over 550 cities and 53 countries worldwide, Nokia Transport is the easiest way to get around. New cities are added regularly, and are immediately available in your app. Check if your city is covered here:

Nokia Transport can be downloaded from the Nokia collection of the Windows Phone Store for free.

Source / Credit: Windows Phone Store