Podcatcher gets to v2.0, adds gPodder import, UI flourishes and bug fixes

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One of my favourite developers, Johan Paul, is the author of Podcatcher for both Meego and Windows Phone. This has now taken the big leap from v1.3 to v2.0 and with a changelog to match, including gPodder import, meaning, potentially, not having to add your podcast subs one by one after setting up a new device. Full list of changes below, along with some screenshot proof.

Here's the quoted changelog from v1.3 to v2.0:

  • Overall UI polish
  • Import your subscriptions from gPodder.net.
  • Subscribe to podcasts that require authentication.
  • Improve player navigation UX so that back stepping history is not lost.
  • Replace player pivot view with play history view for current and recent episodes.
  • Tap now playing item to open player
  • Tap recent item to open the subscription.
  • Replace one action button in episodes with two separate buttons for play/stream and download.
  • Do not lose download queue after restart.
  • Make podcast episode list view more Windows Phone styles.
  • Add pivot view to the subscritpion view to show all downloaded episodes.
  • Show episode state next to the episode.
  • Show download progress in the episode listings view.
  • Improve audio handling when switching between Windows Phone apps.
  • Compensate for lacking timestamp in feed; supported format is now also "Tue, 18 Dec 2012 06:34"
  • Fix: Don't lose bookmark when starting audio playback in some other app.
  • Fix: Handle properly downloads that have been finished in the background.
  • Fix: Support ESPN podcast episodes.

Impressive stuff. Here's Podcatcher 2.0 in action:

Podcatcher screenshotPodcatcher screenshot

The main feed view, and (right) looking into a feed's episodes. There are options to manually download or have new episodes grabbed automatically.

Podcatcher screenshotPodcatcher screenshot

Playing a podcast, a nice clean interface, and (right) the current About screen...

Podcatcher screenshotPodcatcher screenshot

The new Play history view, plus (right) gPodder import! Actually setting up gPodder subs has to be done through a desktop web browser, etc.

Heartily recommended, whichever mobile platform you're on. For Windows Phone, it's probably the leading application of its type. Here's its entry in the Windows Phone Store - don't worry if it appears to be out of date on the page here. Install and then look on your device for the update to v2.0.