OMG! Aliens brings 8 bit arcade action to your smartphone

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From the same team that brough the horrifically addictive Numberrific to Windows Phone comes OMG! Aliens, a classic vertical arcade shoot-em-up with a huge dollop of retro graphics and old school styling.

There's more to 'retro' than simply creating blocky graphics, and I'm happy to write that OMG! Aliens has the right feel in all the areas. The control system might feel sluggish to those used to twitchy 3D games but it reminds me of titles like Galaga and Darius, the difficulty level is challenging, the enemies are relentless (and follow fixed patterns) and the whole experience just feels right.

OMG! AliensOMG! Aliens

From the app listing:

  • An action-packed adventure with a retro arcade feel.
  • Three difficulty modes, including a hardcore one.
  • Endless random waves put your skills to an ultimate test.
  • Four stunning super weapons to blast your way through!
  • Over 30 achievements to unlock!

OMG! AliensOMG! Aliens 

You can download the free trial and the full version of OMG! Aliens from the Windows Store.

Source / Credit: Find it in the Windows Store