Samsung's ATIV S cleared for use by Chinese regulators

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While there is no word on pricing or network availability, an important regulatory hurdle has been overcome by Samsung with the ATIV S handset now cleared for use in China by the country's regulators.

It loks like China is going to be a major battleground for Windows Phone - Samsung now have their leading Windows Phone handset ready to go on sale in the country, while Nokia's Chinese variant of the PureView enabled smartphone, the Lumia 920T, has also been cleared to hit the retail market.


Steve reviewed the ATIV S this weekend here on AAWP and found a well specced and modern handset, that falls a bit short with the extra applications Samsung have bundled with the hardware:

Navigation aside though, the extra bells and whistles of Nokia's software additions can be largely matched (or at least equivalenced) with a few timely downloads from the Store on the ATIV S, making the latter's unique selling points - its large and pleasing screen, its large capacity, removeable battery, its microSD expansion and flexibility, its use of faux-metal materials for a premium look (if not feel) - perhaps the critical factors in deciding which Windows Phone 8 handset to buy.

Samsung has done a good job with the ATIV S's hardware, producing something that's definitely desirable. The clever buyer will snap it up and, with some choice application additions, use it as the basis for a Windows Phone that will serve well for years.

Tip of the hat to WP Central and UnwiredView.

Source / Credit: CNMO