How great a deal is the £80 Nokia Lumia 610 on O2?

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Would you go for a Lumia 610 for £80? NokNok has pointed out the deal on UK network O2 for Nokia's budget Windows Phone 7 handset, and while it's not quite cutting edge, would it be the sort of phone you would buy for someone else as their first Windows Phone (or even their first smartphone?).

While there are some issues I would flag up around the Lumia 610, such as having a single core 800 Mhz processor; 256 Mb of RAM; and only 8 Gb of storage, it's still a handset that can get the job done assuming you're not looking for a handset that is going to be chock full of applications.

By the way, Jayesh Limay has some thoughts on Windows Phone 7.5 vs Windows Phone 8 which might make a good footnote here.

Lumia 610

We looked at the Lumia 610 last summer, and found a great little handset within its own limitations:

I think that whilst the Lumia 610 is not going to break any speed records it’s a great value handset that’s packed with features, giving you access to both the Windows Phone ecosystem and the excellent Nokia exclusive apps (e.g. Nokia Drive and Nokia Music). I doubt very much if any handset in this category can offer up a similar level of features out of the box. That makes the Lumia 610 well worth considering for those looking for a smartphone on a budget.

Now that budget is even more wallet friendly. What do you make of the Lumia 610 on pay as you go?


Source / Credit: NokNok TV