Nokia Music app updated in preparation for Nokia Music+ service

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An updated version ( of the Nokia Music app is now available from the Windows Phone Store. The new version includes enabling features for the Nokia Music+ service, which is expected to go live in select markets in the next six weeks. In addition to the usual bug fixes there are also a number of other improvements including support for purchasing music tracks and albums via operator billing in select markets, and the ability to save gigs (music events), listed in the gig finder section of the app, to the Calendar app.

However, the most significant update, in terms of user experience, is support for Windows Phone 8's fast resume app functionality. This means the app opens faster and returns to the last used section of the app. This is particularly useful for those who make extensive use of the app's mix radio feature, as it reduces the number of app interactions (screen taps) required in day-to-day use.

Nokia MusicNokia Music

At the time of writing the Nokia Music+ service is not yet available, but with this update the Nokia Music app is now enabled for the new service. Users will be able to subscribe to the service within the app, with additional features (lyrics, unlimited mix downloads, high quality streams, unlimited skips) enabled after the initial subscription payment.

As we previously noted the upgrade to Nokia Music+ will be available within the app:

Nokia Music+ will be available as an "upgrade" within the Nokia Music app. By paying the monthly subscription fee (via credit card or operator billing), which is linked to an individual Nokia Account (ID), users will gain access to the additional features. They will also be able to use a web-app (HTML 5) based version of Nokia Music on other devices.

Nokia has said that users will be prompted to subscribe to Nokia Music+ when they run up against the limits (downloads, skips) of the current service, and that subscription options will be available through the settings section of the app. Once the Nokia Music+ service goes live the app will automatically make subscription options available.

Here's the full change log from the Windows Phone Store:

New features in this version

  • Never miss a gig again by adding them to your calendar
  • Purchase tracks and albums using your operator bill (selected operators only)
  • Start Nokia Music quicker and go back to where you were before
  • Subscribe to Nokia Music+ and get unlimited offline stations, skips, lyrics and HQ audio streams (selected countries only)

Nokia Music can be downloaded from the Nokia collection in the Windows Phone Store. The updated version is currently for Windows Phone 8 only. If Nokia Music was pre-installed on your device, or if you have already installed the Nokia Music app, you will be prompted to install the update via the updates section of the Store app.

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