Jump to the rescue in Shark Dash

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As well as the behemoth title of The Dark Knight Returns, Gameloft have also released Shark Dash on XBox Live this week. A more traditional mobile game, that sees take on the role of a plastic shark looking to rescue his fellow bath toys from a horde of angry rubber ducks. All you need to do is eat every duck on a level to progress through the game and save your friends.

Shark Dash

Using a similar catapult mechanic that people will recognise from Angry Bird, Sharkee (Gameloft going with an imaginative naming concept I see), can jump into the sky, or force himself under the water in the bathtub (before bobbing up, he is a bath toy after all). You're given a target number of jumps to capture all the ducks and coins, as well as a number of other targets for each level.

From the directory listing:

  • Amazingly accessible game-play, simply drag and release the shark’s tail with your finger to launch him at the ducks.
  • Dispose of the duckies, grab all the coins, and finish each level with the fewest jumps possible to earn 3 Stars.
  • Use your Stars to unlock new levels.
  • Not happy with your last shot? Undo it and try it again.
  • Make your way through 96 levels with more to come in future updates.
  • Visit 4 different environments, from ancient Rome to distant Japan.
  • Complete tons of missions & unlock loads of achievements.

Shark Dash

Shark Dash is a 99c/69p download from the Windows Phone store, and we'll be taking a closer look at it next week. For now, grab the trial and see how you get on!

Source / Credit: Find it in the Windows Store