Xbox Live's Gravity Guy 2 is a rare Windows Phone 8 premier

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Gravity Guy 2 is one of this weeks Xbox Live releases. Unusually the game, which is published by Miniclip and is a sequel to the original Gravity Guy, is getting its premier on Windows Phone 8, with iOS and Android releases to follow at a later date. 

Gravity Guy 2 sees you control a character as he runs (continuously) across a series of platforms. There are two on-screen controls, the first of which makes the titular character jump, and the second of which causes the platform you are currently on or above to move upwards. Between these two control elements the idea is to safely navigate Gravity Guy from platform to platform, by passing any obstacles or enemies as you go, to the maximum possible distance.

Compared to the original Gravity Guy 2 has higher resolution (and higher quality) graphics and other areas of the game have also received extra polish. The game play is also subtly different, with more of an emphasis on jumping (and platform movement), rather than gravity reversal. Collection of coins, which are used to unlock power-ups, has also been introduced as a new game play element. 

Gravity Guy 2

As before the skill of the game is controlling when to make a movement. On the early levels the game is quite forgiving, but as you progress you will need to be more precise (and power-ups become more important). There are also different (unlockable) playable clones (characters), each of which have their own special powers (Neon, Troop, Girl, Slim, Beast, Mech and Beauty).

Gravity Guy 2

Gravity Guy 2 is a decent addition to the Xbox Live line up. It may not have the high profile, or pedigree, of some of the titles being announced this week, but it is one of the most accessible and should appeal to a broad spectrum of gamers.

Windows Phone Store description:

In a world where gravity laws were broken, a brave guy was held captive for rebelling and defying the rules! Being the first one ever to rise against the system, he found himself in danger, and in need to run for his life.

However, after being relentlessly chased down by the Gravity Troops, our hero was finally captured and beamed up to a space ship, only to find a terrifying truth: they were going to clone him.

As an evil plan to organize dangerous races across Gravity Guy's once free world, his DNA was collected and the cloning process began. Along with our hero, other inhabitants were also cloned, so that every time someone loses, the race can be restarted.

Gravity Guy 2 can be downloaded from the Windows Phone Store. A free trial is available with the full game costing $2.99.

Source / Credit: Windows Phone Store