Create the ideal portrait with ArcSoft's Perfect365

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Arcsoft's Perfect365 aims to help you create the perfect portrait shot with your Windows Phone 8 device. Using "patented imaging and facial technology" the app can touch up portrait photos (e.g. remove eye-bags) and apply makeup (e.g. lipstick and eye-shadow). These adjustments can be carried out automatically, with one tap, by applying one of the numerous pre-defined style templates. Alternatively you can opt to control every element of the adjustments manually.

Perfect365 includes a number of portrait photos to get you started, but there's nothing stopping you using your own photos (either from the camera or pictures saved on your device). The clever bit of Perfect365 is that it will automatially process a photo and recognise not just a face, but individual facial features (e.g. mouth, nose, eyes). 

Each facial feature i marked up using dots, which form the building block for subsequent touch up or makeup procedures. If necessary, these spot points can be manually adjusted, which is useful if the app's automatic processing make a mistake (e.g. if face is off-centre).

The adjustments that can be made with the app fall into three broad categories:

  • Cleanup features - such as removing blemishes, dark circles under the eyes, softening skin, and whitening teeth
  • Enhancement features - such as nose enhancement, cheek lifts, slimming face, and deepening a smile
  • Makeup features -  applying lipstick, eye shadow, blusher and more

In the app the adjustments are broken down into the area of the face, rather than the above categories, so that there is a section for skin (remove circles, remove blemishes, brighten skin, soften skin, blush), eye (colour, shadow, liners, lashes, brighten, enlarge), face (enhance nose, slim face, life cheeks), and mouth (lipstick, whiten teeth, deepen smile).


The adjustments are made by sliding a bar up and down the screen (degree of adjustment), and, in some cases, specifying a colour and style (e.g. colour and placement of eye liner). This makes the app very simple to use, but it's still possible to get a fine degree of control, and there must be thousands of possible variations for each portrait.

Perfect365 is similar to Nokia's GlamMe app, but is much more sophisticated and has a greater depth of functionality. It's also less fussy about where it gets it source images from (i.e. it doesn't have to be the front camera).

As you would expect there are options to save edited portraits to the Photo hub, or share them via social media. ArcSoft say that the Windows Phone 8 version of the apps will be updated regularly, with new style templates made available for free.

From the press release:

"We are delighted to offer Perfect365 for Windows 8 Phone. Windows 8's improved user interface is the perfect platform for users to unlock unlimited creativity," said ArcSoft's VP of Advanced Technologies, Sean Mao. "From one-tap touchup, instant facial feature detection and the ability to share with friends using a simple touch, keystroke or mouse click, even beginners can expertly fine tune each and every photo."

ArcSoft are best known for their multimedia applications for desktop platforms (e.g. ArcSoft PhotoStudio), but it also has a number of mobile orientated products. Perfect365, won an Innovations Design and Engineering Award at CES in 2012, is the first Windows Phone product from the company, following in the footsteps of version for iPhone and Android. 

Windows Phone Store description:

Apply a natural touch-up or a sizzling makeover with amazing results. Perfect365 is a one-of-a-kind portrait app that allows anyone to easily select trendy makeover styles or fine-tune every facial detail to get perfect portraits. It's fun. It's easy. You'll want to enhance all your party photos and share them with everyone!

Perfect365 is a free download from the Windows Phone Store.

Source / Credit: ArcSoft