3 steps to marketing 'Chimpact'

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Ubelly's Sara Allison has spoken to the team behind the arcade collecting game Chimpact to see how they went about marketing the title. Released in April, Chimpact was a mix of old school platforming, with a hint of Angry Birds like physics as you set the angle and strength of your chimp's jumps as he climbed up the trees in the forest.

The marketing focused on three key areas: Social Media, PR and celebrity involvements, and partnerships with other organisations.

There's lots of points to take away from the post. Here's one on the social media angle:

The key thing is not to bore your audience with endless posts, people will drop out if what you’re saying just fills up their news feed. Only post interesting/news worthy content that resonates with users of your app. We ran a competition to design a Chimp that was promoted on Facebook, offering one person in the UK and one in the US a chance to design a member of Chuck’s Chimpact family and have their design turned into a character in the Windows 8 & Windows Phone 8 versions of the game. The UK winner got the chance to go to our studio in Manchester and see their creation turned into a video game character.

Chimpact Chimpact

As more and more apps are released for Windows Phone every day, it's not enough to simply put a title in the store and hope for the best if you're looking for a return. There's a whole raft of options that can help an app or game get noticed, and the smart developer will sepnd some of their time either investigating these, or bringing in someone to run the online campaign - even if the budget would only allow them to be engaged for the week of the launch!

You can read the full post at Ubelly, and if you want to check out Chimpact, head over to the Windows Phone Store for the download.

Source / Credit: Microsoft's Ubelly Blog