Nokia's NFC Writer updated with new functions and language support

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Nokia have updated their NFC writing application. It now supports nine localised languages and over 60 functions that can be triggered by a programmable NFC tag coming into proximity with your Lumia handset.

The languages now supported are English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Finnish, Portuguese (Brazilian and Portugal), and Swedish. The range of functions has also expanded, as Jason Black tells us on the Nokia Conversations blog:

There are now more than 60 programmable functions built in to the app, ranging from making a call or sending a text to posting a Tweet or sharing a physical address using HERE Maps. There is integration with the address book on your phone so you can write tags specific to individuals you need to reach right away – no more searching for contact information. Tags can be used to launch apps on your phone, or to launch a list of preprogrammed top apps from the Windows Phone Store.

Nokia NFC WriterNokia NFC Writer

If you're looking to pick up some NFC tags, we'd recommend the UK based, who have a number of starter packs that will give you various NFC enabled objects to program and play with.

You can read more on the updated app at Nokia Conversations, and download the NFC Writer via the AAWP App Directory. And if you need a primer on NFC, here's AAWP's previous look at NFC.

Source / Credit: Jason Black (Nokia Conversations)