Cyclometer update brings export functionality for Strava users

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We reviewed Cyclometer earlier this month, and author Eugene Polonsky has been in touch to let us know of the recent update, which includes some feature updates as well as offering a SkyDrive export option for users of the Strava service.

Strava is a third party service that analyses the output of GPS devices to help people track their progress from multiple sources. The API's used by Cyclometer are being withdrawn, so Polonsky is offering the SkyDrive export plug-in for free to those users who purchased the Strava plug-in.

There are three other major additions to Cyclometer:

  • Auto-save feature has been added. It will automatically save your ride every 15 minutes, and every time you pause it. No more lost rides.
  • Calorie calculation now uses a totally different (and hopefully more exact) formula.
  • Altitude gained/lost calculation now takes Vertical Accuracy into account, and should thus be more on-target than previously.

Cyclometer Cyclometer

You can download Cyclometer from the App Directory through the website or our mobile app.

Source / Credit: Find it in the AAWP App Directory