Super skillful and super arty photography tips

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The folks at We Are Juxt have produced an interesting set of phone photography tutorials, ranging from basic to skillful, and from technical to arty, all with something of a focus(!) on the Nokia Lumia 920 and plenty of talk of third party camera lenses and post-processing effects. There's something here for everyone, I list the complete set of tutorial articles below. Oh, and don't forget my own humble feature here on AAWP: Twelve Tips for taking better photos on your Windows Phone!

The tutorial features are done by different people in different styles, but here's a summary - click through to read each in full, etc.

Koci Talks Focus & Exposure

Looking at exposure problems and pre-focus tricks

Chase the Low Light

As it sounds, though I'm not sure the writer has fully grasped the concept of OIS - with the Lumia 920, you shouldn't need a tripod...!

A Photographer is A Photographer

Interviewing Jean Brice Lemal and looking in particular at 'street photography'

Keep Calm and Shoot On

A brief review of 'Clever Camera' for Windows Phone.

Dedicated to Photography

Looking in particular at arty black and white snaps.

Here Comes The Rain Again

A cute story of how a photograph was transformed.

Sample photo

The Wonderful World of Windows Phone

A useful compendium of tips and quotes.

“The Graduate”

Taking a photo on a super-arty journey into impressionism....

Why I Moved to Mobile Photography

A general testimony of the early stages in using the Lumia 920 as a camera.

Dealing with Wood

Framing and photo editing to 'polish turds'(!)


Source / Credit: Windows Phone Central