Jetpack Joyride flies off with a small update to v1.1

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Halfbrick Studio's Jetpack Joyride has been updated in the Windows Phone Store. v1.1 is now available, and while there is currently no change-log, it looks to me like this update takes care of a number of save game data issues, both on the device and the synchronisation of the data to the cloud.

What the update is not is the all-singing and all-dancing update that the iOS version has just received - that version has new gadgets, a weekly rotating line up of clothes and accessories to spend your coins on, the Wave-Rider added to the vehicle list, and the mysterious Mrs Doubtfries.

Jetpack Joyride

To be fair, Android users don't have those new toys either, but hopefully they'll make their way from the iOS version as quickly as possible. Not that this addictive arcade game is in need of any major surgery to make it enjoyable. From our review:

This gives Jetpack Joyride its longevity. As well as collecting them, there are missions you can complete which will give you a lot of coins. Missions such as: travel in 5 vehicles, rub your head on the ceiling for 300 meters, and more. You'll be looking to complete these to advance you in the game both on a 'You are at level 12' and on a 'do this to get more coins to buy the tin dog' sense. It's a wonderful concept, and the goals are set at just the right point on the difficulty curve.

Grab the update to the free app from the AAWP App Directory now.

Source / Credit: Find it in the Windows Store