The PD-95G turns your Nokia Lumia 1020 into a virtual DSLR?

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Launched along with the Nokia Lumia 1020 was the PD-95G, described as a 'grip' but which is in reality a lot more. See the images below - it converts the 1020 into something that feels very much like a standalone high end camera. And, hopefully, with images that aren't far off the mark either.

As you can see, the 'Nokia Camera Grip PD-95G' is a sculpted cover which does a number of things:

  • adds a DSLR-like right hand grip/bulge, complete with rubber strip for your fingertips.
  • adds an internal (circa 1000mAh) battery that can be charged separately, used in-situ to charge the 1020 and left in place to charge the phone without removing the cover. LEDs show the current charge level of this extra battery.
  • adds a tripod mounting hole on the bottom of the 'bulge', allowing the 1020/cover to be mounted as any DSLR on a standard tripod.
  • adds a larger, high quality shutter button (we'll update this piece when we know exactly how the press gets transmitted to the phone).

The cover is colour matched, as shown below, presumably available in the same three colours as the Lumia 1020 itself.

The PD-95G Grip, in yellow and black...

The Lumia 1020 in inserted from the side, with the microUSB port on the phone's bottom accepting an internal plug in the PD-95G:

Inside the cover

This camera-like form factor and feel is going to have subjective appeal - some may prefer the slimmer lighter form of the raw Lumia 1020, without having to worry about bringing along (and charging) a separate (bulky) accessory. While others will love the cover for occasions when there's a lot of photo and video material to capture.

Critics will point out that buying a £500 smartphone and £50 accessory just to mimic a £300 DSLR camera (which will still take better photos on the whole) is somewhat crazy, but they miss the point of convergence. The Lumia 1020 is your smartphone and goes everywhere with you - even if you also have to stash this PD-95G cover in the car glovebox for the full camera experience!