Nokia Lumia 1020 camera sample images

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Following on from the launch of the Lumia 1020, Nokia has shared a number of sample images, captured using the ground breaking PureView camera on its newest Windows Phone device. The sample images comes from pre-production units, but will haven be chosen to show off the camera's capabilities. As such, they give a good idea of the kind of performance you can expect from the device.

Click through on any of the images to see the full resolution version of the image.

PureView captures from the Nokia Pro Camera app

These images were shot using the Nokia Camera Pro app are the oversampled (PureView) 5MP images. Many of these PureView images are good examples of the way the oversampling technique reduces noise, increases colour accuracy, and minimises processing artifacts. The images really speak for themselves, making it clear that the Lumia 1020 will be the new benchmark by which all cameraphone are judged going forward.

In dual shot mode the Lumia 1020 will also capture a high resolution image (up to 38MP), as shown in the second set of examples. 

Full resolution captures from the Nokia Pro Camera app

These images are the full resolution versions of a selection of the above images (click through for full size, up to 12MB in size). A full resolution image can be cropped to multiple additional images, as illustrated in the example below. 

Low light image capture

The large physical size of the sensor on the Lumia 1020, together with the precision optics, and the ability to tweak settings such as exposure and ISO speeds, mean it will be possible to produce high quality low light images. Nokia did not focus on this area today to the same extent it did at the Lumia 925 launch, but did offer this low light example.

Source / Credit: Nokia