Take to the skies, World War I style, with Dogfight

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Dogfight, newly released on Windows Phone 8 and powered by the Unity engine, is a free online multiplayer flight combat simulator game, set in the World War I time period. The game sees you flying across a 3D landscape and dogfighting against other planes, as well as attacking enemy bases with bombs and other heavy weaponry.

Part of the fun is knowing that you are flying against other human players and thanks to the cross platform nature of the game there's never any shortage of opponents. The 3D worlds are impressively realised too, with varying weather conditions (clouds, rain, snow) adding atmosphere and a number of other dynamic elements keeping things fresh.


The game lets you choose between an onscreen joystick control or tilt controls. In either case we'd recommend taking advantage of the included practise mode so that you can master your flying skills unharrased by enemy players. For what's it worth the tilt screen controls offer less fine control, but are probably easier for beginners.

Windows Phone Store description:

Dogfight is a WWI multiplayer flight simulator!

Fly through training levels all the way up to full-blown dogfights against enemy planes. Playing alone is fun but the real fun is going multiplayer against your friends.

Dogfight is a free download from the Windows Phone Store

Source / Credit: Windows Phone Store