Slide to join the colours in Loon Apps' Link

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Loon Apps (the developers behind Tile Path) have released Link for Windows Phone. It feels like the two games have originated from the same descriptive phrase (join two colours on a gird), but where Tile Path went for a time-based arcade approach, Link goes for the more cerebral, level based puzzle approach.

In Link, all the coloured connectors you will need are in play on tiles as you start each level, and you need to slide them into the correct position. Using your finger, you can slide an entire row or column in the game grid to move the connectors around - but you can't move or swap a single tile. Much like the 'Fifteen' square tiles game, you'll be doing a lot of sliding around to get everything in the right place.

One thing to point out that helps is that the game is 'wrapped around' so if a row is pushed up, the top tile will wrap around to the bottom of the game grid.

 Link Link

Loon Apps have packaged 120 levels into Link, and the first third of these are available in the demo version of the game. With up to eight colours in later levels, and tiles with junctions, crossover, and twisters, there's some good design in here, and the difficulty level feels about right for this style of casual puzzle game.

Link is available through the AAWP App Directory, and costs 99c/79p, with a free trial.

Source / Credit: Find it in the AAWP App Directory